The Storm


 In the midst of the storm you can be sure of one thing.  Jesus is with you.  You might think He is asleep.   That He is not calming your storm.  Rest assured Jesus is there in the middle of it.  Jesus is there in the boat with you!  Mark 4:37-41

The mighty power of God can calm a raging storm into a gentle breeze, take the foaming ocean torrents and quiet them.  How much more can He calm your storm of problems?

Our problems will always exist.  They will come and go as if we travel on an emotional tempest.  Some days will be high, full of blessings.  Other days will be low, full of difficulty, and oft times scary to face.  It is in the low days where our faith and trust in Him is of the utmost importance. 

Jesus will see us to the other side.  Mark 5:1 Then they came to the other side of the sea…….  He will not let us drown.  At just the right time, He moves us to the other side.


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