The Passion

Vine’s Expository describes the word “passion” as ‘to suffer’ ‘at the hands of men.’
It is derived by the Greek word “pascho” which means
“to be affected or have been affected;
either in a good or bad sense.”
Pascho occurs 46 times in the KJV and
is translated several ways:
suffer, to suffer, vexed, suffered, have suffered, passion, & felt.
Webster’s defines passion firstly, as the sufferings of Christ.
Second, suffering.
Third, the state or capacity of being acted on by external agents.
Lastly, coming in at number 5, ardent affection. 
(Which did not come into use until the 1600’s after Shakespeare put it in a play)
Today is Good Friday or Holy Friday. (The Friday before Easter)
Today we celebrate the Passion of Christ’s suffering for us.
He allowed external forces to take control of Him
cause His suffering unto death.
We cannot begin to imagine His pain and suffering.
But be of good cheer!
Sunday’s Coming!!!!!!

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