Destination: Heaven

We are travelers 
Passing through this life
A journey of faith
Leaving a legacy of hope
Giving glory to the Lord
We are travelers 
Moving from here to there
One foot in and one foot there
Reaching a hand up
Reaching a hand out
We are travelers
Seeking to share the road
The road to heaven
it is not always easy
But the reward is eternity
We are travelers
Setting our mind on Him
Keeping our eyes on the end of the road
Staying focused on the journey
For our citizenship is in heaven
We are travelers


Destination: Heaven



3 thoughts on “Destination: Heaven

  1. It is so important that we LIVE in this TRUTH! It is so easy to get caught up in all the obvious pain and failure coming to this planet. It is so easy to feel as if your own future is at stake, but IT IS NOT! Planet earth is just a place we are passing through! I think of the old saying: “It is a nice place to visit, (in order to save and to be saved), but I wouldn’t want to live there!” (LOL!) We are here to light a way. We are not here to stay. Realizing we are here to be light, and to simply keep shinning no matter how dark things may get, brings great peace and purpose to my life on earth. I take this responsibility very seriously. It brings great “meaning” to why I am still here. I must say, I find it great joy to simply live each day as light.

  2. Great poem! My favorite question to ask folks is, “What do you think you’ll be doing a million years from today?” I realize that time will probably be different there than here, but still, I wonder. No matter what we dream up, I doubt we’ll come close to the real deal!

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