Not So Humdrum

Our days can be humdrum.
We can lack excitement, variety and days can be monotonous.
We busy ourselves with daily “stuff”. 
Activities done without thinking.
Going to work, school, caring for children, or doing housework.
Every day feels just like the last one. 
We are stuck.
Fortunately, we have a better way.
As we put God first, He can take the humdrum and turn it into extraordinary.
He can change our ordinary into exciting and astonishing.
And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord
and not to men.
And suddenly what we do takes on new meaning.
Work, school, kids, and housework are done for the Lord.
It is for His glory and not ours.
Let God shine in you and through you in all you do.

One thought on “Not So Humdrum

  1. The thought of God, eternity, and the value of each human soul brings so much meaning and purpose to life. I don’t know how people who do not believe in these things can do it? Walking with God and learning his ways adds so much!

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