You’ve Got a Friend

The seventies had some great singer/songwriters that inspired change.
Some good, some bad.
This was a very tumultuous time following the end of
the Vietnam war which ended in 1973.
And yet it was a time of great revival in Christianity.
Many thousands came to Christ.
There were huge tent revivals with Christian rock music.
Hundreds of people came together under 
those tents with minds of one accord.
It was all about Jesus.
Carole King wrote a song, but James Taylor made it a hit.
It wasn’t a Christian song, 
however, it is so like Jesus!
“You’ve Got a Friend”
Just like the song say’s,
“when you’re down and troubled
and you need a helping hand,”
Jesus will be that hand.
“You just call out my name 
and you know wherever I am, I’ll come running.”
Jesus is just a call away.
He is waiting to be your friend.
He will never hurt you and He will never desert you.
He’ll always come running to you.

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