Culture Shock

Visiting a different county where they speak
another language can be difficult.
The language hard to understand,
the street signs are hard to read,
laws vary and you get a shock
Culture shock.
Unfamiliar surroundings
and way of life cause discomfort and anxiety.
And yet, there is common ground.
Small victories in communication.
A smile, a handshake, a person going out of their 
way to point directions.

And God! 
He is there, visible in the churches, museums, homes
and through the people.

In a blink there is mutual understanding.
A blending of two communities into the community of God.

Galatians 3:28 AMP
There is (now no distinction) neither Jew nor Greek,
there is neither slave nor free, there is not male and female;
for you are all one in Christ.


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