Beyond Description

God told Adam to name all the creatures in the Garden
so He brought each one to Adam,
to see what he would name them.
Since that time, man has put a name on everything he sees.
Once named we can visualize it by the description.
It is hard to visualize someone who is invisible.
Which is why God is beyond our ability to describe Him—
or is He?
Even though the Bible does not give a physical
description of God, it does tell us about Who He is.
Isaiah tells us in chapter 55 verse 9,
His ways and thoughts are higher than ours.
Jesus told Phillip “he who has seen Me has seen the Father”
So when we look at Jesus we see a man who loved,
felt compassion, taught, healed the sick, and fed crowds.
He went out of His way to serve others.
He was not boastful or prideful.
Jesus lived as a man, using His divine nature to glorify God the Father.
God is beyond our human understanding 
and description.
But through the Holy Spirit, we can see Him.
He is love at the highest level and magnitude.



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